How it works

How do you define drowsy or distracted driving?

You can predict drowsily behavior by analyzing facial muscle moment, eye movement, the speed of reaction. Drowsy or distracted driver’s behaviors is mostly the same on average. If you don’t sleep well, your body clock will force you to shut down. Many people think they can fight this feeling, they try to explain to themselves that they are ok, they need to drive. And then accidents happen. 

The second problem we are trying to solve is distracted driving. The most distracting thing we have in our car is the smartphone. You can admit it or not but many people, especially young ones, are addicted to social networks and instant messaging. Sometimes you start checking Instagram in the traffic jam without even noticing it. The same eye movement pattern can be applied to this case.

How does Ridy work? 

Ridy uses machine vision analytics to determine whether you are concentrated on the road. It continuously analyzes eye blinking frequency, eyes movement, and other facial expression patterns. Based on the behavior patterns it can understand the situation and give the driver alerts.

We use real-time analytics. When you turn on Ridy for the first time we request you to calibrate the device so we can detect your head normal driving position. Later on we will adjust the algorithm to learn user's head position automatically, so the "calibration" would not be needed, but at this time there is a simple "touch of a button" calibration. Then we can monitor and score certain events, such as eye blinking frequency, duration of eyes closing, relative head rotation, yawn and so on. Depending on the event or overall scoring, we produce different alerts. It may be more or less mild reminder like "keep your eyes on the road" if we detect a user not looking ahead for a prolonged period of time, or rather a stiff warning with loud and screechy beep: "Danger! Danger! Wake up!" if we detect that a driver closes their eyes. So in a nutshell, we constantly monitor the user's face and take an appropriate action as the situation requires: from alerting the user to keep off their smartphone to waking up the driver to recommending to take a rest.

Do I need an Internet connection? Do you store my data anywhere?

Ridy is designed to be absolutely autonomous. All the video Ridy uses is being processed in real time by Ridy’s central processor. Ridy does not need to record or store the video – all the frames are being instantly discarded once processed.



"The only true countermeasure to drowsiness is sleep."

William J. Horrey, Traffic Research Group leader at the AAA Foundation.

Ridy is a combination of many hours of research, amazing engineering, new machine vision techniques and our true passion to make the roads safer. We worked hard to create this product. We believe that Ridy is very accurate in identifying drowsy or distracted driving. 

That said, only the driver is responsible for what happens on the road. Every time you decide to drive you should be 100% confident that you are ready. And until you park your car and turn it off - you are responsible to stay focused and alert. 

Like many other assist systems in your car, Ridy is made to help you perform better. However, the driver should count on his/her skills at the first place and only then on the technology.