Why do I need a device to help me stay focused on the road?

"Fatigue driving? It never happens to me". But according to National Sleep Foundation, 60% of all drivers in the US have driven a vehicle while feeling drowsy. Uber drivers, busy parents, night shift workers, young drivers - anyone who lacks sleep, drives long distance or is easily distracted. 

How does it work?

Ridy uses machine vision analytics to determine whether you are concentrated on the road. It continuously analyzes eye blinking frequency, eyes movement, and other facial expression patterns. Based on the behavior patterns it can understand the situation and give the driver alerts. 

Does it work in the dark?

Yes, it also works during nighttime (or in the tunnels). There are small infrared LEDs that highlight the driver's face if there's too dark in the car. 

Does it work with any car or SUV?

Yes, Ridy works with any car, SUV, sports car, etc. Even if you have a flying DeLorean, Doc.

Does it work with my truck?

Yes, you can use Ridy in a truck no matter the size.

Are these IR LEDs safe? I heard IR LEDs can hurt human retina.

Yes, these LEDs are safe. We've tested Ridy's components against EN/IEC 62471 standard (Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems), and they completely passed it. 

Is it easy to install?

Yes, even my grandma can nail it! You can setup Ridy in less than 60 seconds. No Internet or apps required. Just connect Ridy to the power source, place it near the dashboard and turn on. That's it. It works with any car day and night.

Is it battery powered?

No, you have to connect it to the car power socket (cigarette lighter socket) to guaranty constant operation. But the cord is easy to hide behind your dashboard. 

Does it record me? What about privacy?

Ridy doesn't save the video anywhere. It has no connection to the Internet and can't transfer any data. 

So it can say if I should drive or not? 

Only you can decide for yourself if you need to drive or not. Ridy constantly monitors your behavior and can recommend watching the road when it thinks you are losing concentration. But in the end, it is you who need to decide and who is responsible for driving. 

Why crowdfunding? 

We've spent a lot of time and savings to build Ridy. Ridy is ready to be manufactured, however, we need more money to order our first batch from the factory and jump-start our project.

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, we do. US delivery is Free, Canada delivery is $20 ($30 for x2 pack) and Worldwide delivery is $30 ($40 for x2 pack). 



"The only true countermeasure to drowsiness is sleep."

William J. Horrey, Traffic Research Group leader at the AAA Foundation.

Ridy is a combination of many hours of research, amazing engineering, new machine vision techniques and our true passion to make the roads safer. We worked hard to create this product. We believe that Ridy is very accurate in identifying drowsy or distracted driving. 

That said, only the driver is responsible for what happens on the road. Every time you decide to drive you should be 100% confident that you are ready. And until you park your car and turn it off - you are responsible to stay focused and alert. 

Like many other assist systems in your car, Ridy is made to help you perform better. However, the driver should count on his/her skills at the first place and only then on the technology.